Taren Willowsong

Bethany Eddy


Pointy ears and tends to wear a wine colored robe with gold leaf embroidery, and has a walking staff with leaf carvings. Taren does not carry weapons.


Taren, recently returned from the grave, rescued by the townspeople of Thornhill, has returned to her post as guild mistress of the spirit circle.Taren is a skilled Shepard and Ritualist. Taren is over 400 years old and was around for the forming of Valen but was not present for it’s destruction. With an experianced traveling company, Taren went to the fallen city of Valen to retrieve and replace Valens circle stones in the thorpe of Thornhill. During the sacking of Thornhill Taren was transformed into a Specter and spent 6 months as an undead. Taren is attempting to atone for any actions she may have done as an undead.

Taren Willowsong

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