Lands and their Rulers

The Kingdom of Eldorian

The kingdom of Eldorian is the kingdom within which the game takes place and most PCs and NPCs are from. It is a center of culture, learning and magic on the continent. While not the only human kingdom it is the one that most players will know the most about and thus has the most information known.

The Lands Across the Mountains

Just recently people came from across the Balor mountains for unknown reasons. How many different kingdoms they hail from and why they’ve chosen now to cross is unknown.

The Land Across the Sea

All that is known about this land is that many humans came to Eldorian from there many years ago.

The Planes of Existence

The mortal world is not alone. Through magic and accident many other realms have been discovered by sages, spell casters and adventurers.

Lands and their Rulers

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